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The Alcoa Local History Project for South Ribble's Primary Schools

In 2006 The South Ribble Museum & Exhibition Centre was awarded a grant to run an educational programme by the American Alcoa Foundation.

Key source materials have been produced to supplement the teaching of Local History at Key Stage Two. We offer all the Borough's Primary Schools free access to this project and to anyone else who may find this material useful. Your feedback is warmly welcome to assist us in the evolution of the project

The following PDF format downloads provide additional local material for the teaching of the National Curriculum (History) at Primary School Level. Documents, maps, photographs and other related items are provided to help schools create their own unique local history 'archive' and form a starting point for teaching programmes in future years.


The Romans

Set 1: The Romans

Contents Includes: Romano-British Time Line, Roman Place Names in Mid Lancashire, What the Romans Called us, Gazeteer of Places.

The Dark Age

Set 2: The Dark Age

Contents Includes: Dark Age Time Line, Main Themes in the Period, Place Names, The Cuerdale Hoard, The Domesday Book, South Ribble Skulls.

The Tudors

Set 3: The Tudors

Contents Includes: Tudor Time Line, Dissolution of the Monasteries, Local Tudors and Their Estates, Witchcraft and Wizadry, Coughs and Sneezes, The Tudors at Play, Public Education and Welfare?

A Life in the Factory

Set 4: A Life in the Factory

Contents Includes: The Victorians,Roman Place Names in Mid Lancashire, Local Cotton Industry Time Line, Historical Overview 1780-1980, The Handloom Weavers, Factory Apprentices, A Life in a Factory 1830-1850, Mining: an alternative employment for the Under Fives, A Life in the Workshouse, The Cotton Famine 1861-1865.

Cotton Mills of South Ribble

Set 5: Directory of the Cotton Mills of South Ribble

Contents Includes: Chronological List of Mills, Alphabetical Index, Brief Description of each Mill


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