The ffaringtons of Worden

Leyland Urban District Council purchased Worden Park, home of the ffarington family, opening it to the public to mark the 1951 Festival of Britain celebrations. Plans for the leisure development of this splendid amenity have continued apace ever since, a process strongly reflected in the Museum’s collection.

By the time of the Norman invasion the familiar pattern of villages and often parish churches had come into being. The Normans themselves added a further group and also re-organised administration around the barony and castle of Penwortham.

Within a couple of centuries a familiar pattern of landed families had emerged and their estates were to survive largely intact well into the modern era. Principal amongst them were the Hoghtons of Walton, the Fleetwoods of Penwortham and the ffaringtons of Leyland.


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Carved Oak Panel Miniature Oil on Ivory Engraving of Shaw Hall
Saucer Bearing the ffarington Coat of Arms Photograph of the Grecian Gallery and Sunken Italianate Garden, Worden Hall ffarington Alms Houses Poster
Yeomanry Dress Sword and Scabbard ffarington Estate Posters Worden Hall Keys
Panes of Hand Painted Glass Sign of the ffarington Arms Gravestones of the ffarington Family Pets

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